Redwork Embroidery Patterns by Barbara Parrish
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Our Patterns

Angel of April
Angel of April

Birthday Blessings
Birthday Blessings


Fresh under the pen:
ˇAngel of April
ˇBirthday Blessings
ˇWall Hangings
ˇRoaring Twenties
ˇLes Bébés
ˇBathing Beauty
ˇA Year Of Redwork
ˇHappy Halloween

ˇChristmas Time
ˇThe '20s Kids
ˇDown On The Farm
ˇSweet Hearts
ˇCherry Cherries


  ˇ Instructions for working the pre-printed fabric blocks and paper patterns



Set of 9 patterns
approximately 10 X 10 inches each.

Remember - Always free shipping on orders of USD$15.00 or more. Even to Japan and Australia!

Dilly~Dally II

Dilly~Dally IIDilly~Dally II is a one-piece panel. The image area is 34 inches long and 13 inches tall. It may be embroidered in color, Redworked or use permanent marker and Pentel Dye Sticks, or any combination you choose.


Redwork became popular in the late 1800's because of a colorfast thread made in Turkey, from a secret recipe.

Up until then, colored threads did not hold their color in the wash and therefore, could not be used successfully to adorn everyday items like bedspreads or dish towells.

The simplicity of redwork designs, and the fact that they were embroidered with very simple stitches on inexpensive muslins, meant that nearly everyone could have decorated linens. Children often learned how to embroider on "Penny Squares", little designs printed on muslin and sold at the general stores for a penny. Redwork quilts were mostly "summer weight" linens, meaning they had no batting. The Redwork squares were usually stitched together without sashing, and either quilted to a backing with a feather stitch or simply tied with string or yarn.

When synthetic dyes began to be manufactured in the United States, the popularity of Redwork diminished and embroidering with colors became very popular. Redwork can be embroidered in any color, Bluework is still Redwork, only it's done in Blue, and usually called Blue Redwork.

Happy Stitching,
Barbara Parrish

The Best blue I have found is DMC 824. It is dark enough to be seen from a distance and goes well with many blue fabrics. The red I like the best is DMC 321 for the same reasons.

Pattern Pricing

I have had a few inquires about the pricing for my pattern sets. They really are a bargain at about $1.66 for each pattern when purchased in a set of 9. Besides that, on my site, Shipping is always free with an order of $15.00 or more.

Wholesale Information

All patterns come packaged in printed, sealed white envelopes, with hang tags applied and a standard UPC bar code printed. The minimum order is $45.00.

Orders may be paid for by check (NET 30). Consignment shipments are available to established customers. Shipping is FREE.

For more information, please inquire here

Redwork Patterns

Free patterns for missing months are coming SOON!
We apologize for the delay.

Click image to download the pattern (PDF Format 130 KB)
Free Redwork Pattern - February - Begger Cat by Barbara Parrish

February - Begger Cat

Click image to download the pattern (PDF Format 160 KB)
Free Redwork Pattern - January - Sleepy New Year by Barbara Parrish

January - Sleepy New Year

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Free Redwork Patterns

Redwork Patterns

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